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I have been slightly busy to take up challenges but I could not resist this one, the Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon. Since childhood I have always been fascinated with ‘horizons’ and would wonder what was beyond the meeting points. The Atlas and geography took away some of the magic but I am still intrigued by the imaginary lines no matter wherever I am.

On way to Jasper, Alberta, Canada (2013)…a never-ending highway.

2. This is an early morning shot from the balcony of an apartment in Burnaby, British Columbia.(2013).

3. Flatiron building, Manhattan, New York, resembling a cast- iron cloths iron probably reaching out to iron the sky. (2013)

The last two pictures were taken in Allahabad, my hometown and where as a child would worry that River Ganges would disappear into space and the other in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh…. the unfolding of the Himalayas. (2012)



 May 2011: A few moments in the sun will be good for my skin……a fleeting moment for the turtle in the Japanese Garden pond, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York

‘Stacked Cars’ Could not resist capturing the shot from moving vehicle somewhere in Alberta, Canada.



‘Working together is success’….Straw Mats and Shoes… orderly togetherness at a Ryokan near Tokyo, Japan

Three is an envious outsider…Lanterns for Lunar New Year at Tsim Tsa Shui, 2012, Hong Kong