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IMG_3119Calgary Tower…collective feet-strength to look down 191 metres at Downtown Calgary. We are standing on the glass floor of the Observation Deck of the Tower awaiting a picturesque presentation of the city below, the sun-burnished Rocky Mountains, the foothills and the prairies.


Looking down…The Core of Calgary (Downtown)

One glitch …it was cloudy.IMG_3153










2. Two feet-Four feetKangaroo Creek Farm, Winfield, British Columbia…a family enjoyment place with uncaged Kangaroos, Wallabies. Wallaroos, mean looking Pot_bellied Pigs (thankfully fenced), snooty Emus, Parrots, Ducks, peacock and cuddly baby goats.




DSC05722EMERALD LAKE, YOHO NATIONAL PARK, BRITISH COLUMBIA: In 1882 veteran European explorer Tom Wilson was led to this awe-inspiring lake nestled between the Rockies by his wayward horses. The gleaming emerald-green waters, result of fine particles of glacial sediment, left him transfixed “For a few moments I sat [on] my horse and enjoyed the rare, peaceful beauty of the scene.”

DSC05715Emerald Lake, the largest of Yoho’s 61 lakes and ponds and protected by President Range, Mount Burgess and Wapta Mountains, is a premier tourist attraction. We were on our way to Kelowna from Calgary and the stop, just 20 minutes west of Lake Louise, was an intoxicating smorgasbord of surreal green and blue and fresh mountain air.

For me a flashback to China with busloads of Chinese tourists following their flag waving Guides around.

Souvenir Shop from across the waters.

The quirky extras.

King Kong challenging the mighty Niagara……Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada


The Reclining Snow….Calgary, Canada


An unexpected sighting …a Caribou, oblivious to human awe. We finally sighted wildlife while visiting Jasper, Alberta, Canada. (2013)

Link to article…wips-hong-kong/

Finally some wildlife

Finally some wildlife

Browned out…….
Victoria Island BC, Canada

Hong Kong……brown strokes


The stretched out snow wings on the cold dark mountains, the ecclesiastical aquamarine waters of Cavell Pond and one can gaze, transfixed for hours, visualizing warring armies and angels of mercy. The wing- shaped Angel Glacier in slow-motion-meltdown the north face of Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, honors English nurse Edith Cavell who was an angel of mercy helping allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium during World War 1. She was executed by the Germans for her actions and beliefs.

We follow the trail starting from the car park, climbing the stairs and past the Memorial for Edith Cavell, crossing a gurgling stream and instead of going straight to Cavell Pond through glacial debris left by the retreating Cavell Glacier, we climb past Teahouse Creek to the Cavell Meadows junction at 500m. A steady flow of climbers, young, old, four-year olds bravely leaning on mini walking sticks, school groups and tourists give us company. A squirrel insisted on following me or the Lays chips packets I was carrying and finally made its move the minute I rested on a rocky perch. My scream sent it careening off among the rocks and few minutes later I felt beady eyes glaring at me for being so squeamish.


Just beyond the junction the panoramic view of picture perfect Cavell Glacier on the far side of the pond, Angel Glacier in center and right above Cavell Pond and the near invisible Ghost Glacier clinging on to the ledge on the left, compensates for the rugged terrain and occasional rumblings and ‘the mountains shrugged’ performance. In 2012 the area was cordoned off due to flooding and ice fall and in 2013 September, though it had partly opened, we had to be content with ledge lookouts. Few brave hearts sneaked down to the edge of Cavell pond when a snowy grumble and ice fall prompted the supervisor to blow his whistle to stop further clandestine excursions.

20140206-165917.jpg The lower trail to the Cavell Pond.

The trail continues onwards 526m towards Cavell Meadows and a spectacular view of Mount Edith Cavell, Angel Glacier, Cavell Glacier and Cavell pond.I had stopped midway preferring the stillness of environment to tourist chatter till squirrelly ambitions interrupted my niveous reverie.


‘Playground of the Gods’ at Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, Burnaby……Wood carvings atop Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area are a symbol of friendship between the Japanese and Canadians. The unassuming carvings meld with the scenic views of Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


2. Juxtaposition
The vintage, Camel cart snorting at the new mechanical carts.