Containers…creative wrap ups


Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto, Japan…..temple offerings
China….Pots and pans…containing gastronomic delights


Sausalito, California…..taffy temptations


Hung Hum, Kowloon, Hong Kong….the daily catch

Two Challenges together….Wood and Juxtaposition

‘Playground of the Gods’ at Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, Burnaby……Wood carvings atop Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area are a symbol of friendship between the Japanese and Canadians. The unassuming carvings meld with the scenic views of Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


2. Juxtaposition
The vintage, Camel cart snorting at the new mechanical carts.


Windows…Weekly Photo Challenge

I was going to give the Weekly Challenges a miss till I finished the writing projects on hand but then I could not resist. So here is my take on ‘Windows’, isolated and dark from the outside, letting your imagination linger on the possibilities behind the panes and curtains.
New York …Soho



Macau…the other side of glamor


Hong Kong……Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Vertical imagery.




Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion) Kyoto

Kinkaku-ji Temple, “The Golden Pavilion”, breathtaking in its golden glory.


Excerpt from my article Kyoto Japan – the Iconic Lady (All Ways Traveller)

‘ Another luminous example of antiquity is the Golden Pavilion or Kinkauji from the period when there were no cameras to capture its golden glory reflected in the still waters of the Magic Pond or Kyoko-chi.  The tourist pictures do little justice to the real structure and a visitor can just gawk at the play of colors, burnt amber, fiery reds, vivid yellows, amidst the surrounding foliage of Kinugasa-yama Mountains in the background.  The eight different sized islands or famous rocks in the Pond personify the Buddhist scriptures ‘Land of Happiness’ and for the harried visitor a natural stress buster.  Hayashi Yoken, a recalcitrant monk, had burnt down the Pavilion in 1950 and the present Golden Pavilion is a replica of the original, with extra gold added to the two floors.

I walked around the Japanese Garden, retained in its original form, with natural springs, moss gardens, waterfalls and bridges, the Dadoniji Stones, try plunking coins in the stone bowls for luck, the Sekka-tei tea house and the Fudo Myo, a mini temple in honor of the god of fire and wisdom. The bushes around the temple, ornamented with tiny pieces of paper containing wish-fulfillment messages, are the links between past and present.’

Weekly Photo Challenge….Yellow

Beginning. Weekly Photo Challenge

Beginning or Incunabula* (in-kyoo-nab-yuh-luh) meaning “the earliest stages or first traces of anything.” To me Beginning is the first ray of hope, of understanding, and this is what I experienced on a slope of the Great Wall of China somewhere on the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China, about 70 kilometres north of Beijing.

Whichever way you look at it…climbing up or going down, it is a step towards a new beginning to understand yourself in context of the universe in all its phenomena.